About Us

Hey hey friends!

How did ‘Weeds shipping fresh arrangements’ come to be you may ask? Well, when we first opened our Weeds brick and mortar over a decade ago, that was a huge endeavor in itself, whew! Along with that brought changes of it’s own. Internet ordering just for a simple fresh arrangement delivered in our local area was fairly new and we were on it! Then, internet shopping evolved to be a path beyond what it even was just a couple years ago. So here we are, one to never say- let’s just cruise, rather let’s take a leap!

How exciting is that? So after many messages of followers near and far begging for us to ship our fresh arrangements because ‘ours are not like any they’ve ever seen,’ it was time. Time to go to work-researching, arduous training, sleepless nights, hustling and then more navigating-ya know that montage of all things new and fun, we dig that stuff! One thing has always rang true here; It’s about how hard you’re willing to work towards whatever may be pushing against you-through absolutely anything. We feel those and embrace them with full on ‘go mode!’

Change has been constant with us- it’s like if we don’t feel the ‘change challenge’ from time to time- then our story needs a new chapter, so here we are! The same still rings true inside our retail shopping space and within this small business as a whole. Out with the old and in with the new! We love our retail space and are always switching it up, so this opportunity to share a piece of us with you, is the cherry on top!

If you have been here from the beginning of this story, we are so darn happy you’re still here! We cannot feel any more absolute honor or joy that our fresh arrangements play such a special addition to the big moments in your lives - new life, birthdays, weddings, promotions, anniversaries, loss of a loved one, and so many more. We are so grateful for you and that we can help send so much love, and of course, fresh flowers! Thank you for being here with us, one new chapter after the next.

 Hugs, Hollie